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My name is Robert Simon. I'm in my mid twenties and I live in the United States. More importantly, the the mission of my life is to share the life changing message of Jesus Christ.

The mission of this website is three-fold:


1. Unite Faith and Reason 

- Today there is widespread acceptance of a supposed dichotomy between faith and reason - between God and science. How sad it is that many people, especially young people, are resistant to the Gospel because of the misconception that they must choose between God and science. I hold the elimination of philosophical dialogue to be near the root of this problem. Philosophy, once the pride and joy of Western civilization, has divulged into the dry academic discipline so many see it as today. Science without sound philosophy turns into religion. A religion without sound philosophy risks turning into a cult. Philosophy is the bridge that can eliminate ignorance of all kinds.  

2. Unite Christians 

- Having had the unique experience of being raised both in the Protestant Evangelical tradition and the Catholic Church, I have come to appreciate the breadth and depth of thought within the Christian World. While theological differences should not be ignored, there is truly so much more that unites us than divides us. A house divided cannot stand. If Christians are to shine Christ's light to the world, we must unite around our common foundation: faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Unite Religion and Daily Life

- According to Gallop polling, just 60 years ago 98% of Americans reported belief in God. Today that number is 81% with more than half of the decline coming in the past decade. Only 68% of 18-29 year old Americans report belief in God. Meanwhile, addiction, depression, and anxiety have become the status quo. Over 700,000 people worldwide commit suicide every year.  Despite living in the wealthiest, most technologically advanced society in history, it is clear that our culture is undergoing an existential crisis of meaning. In our post-modern world, we have been told that we create our own values. That the pursuit of happiness is our main concern. That God no longer has a place in our intellectually sophisticated world. I reject this worldview. I hold the systematic elimination of God in our culture to be the fundamental cause of every problem we face. Many people think that in order to have a relationship with God they must live a mundane, restrictive life. This could not be further from the truth. A life with God by your side is incomprehensibly more vivid, awe-inspiring, meaningful and enjoyable life than life without God. Yes sacrifices must be made along the way, but what is received is far greater than what is given up. Any sacrifices made are for our benefit not God's, for God 'desires mercy not sacrifice.' God, as pure love, wants to give us what our hearts truly desire, not just what we think we desire. Jesus offers what no other "religion" possibly can - a personal daily relationship with the Living God.

I lived the majority of my life as a lukewarm Christian. The type that went to Church occasionally and prayed when I needed something. By the grace of God, Jesus found me and revealed to me the errors of my ways. He redeemed me from my sins of lust, greed and pride and continues to prune and teach me daily. I have tasted the fruit of a life not centered around Christ. And I have tasted the fruit that comes from fully submitting to Jesus. There is no comparison. I was given a gift I could not possibly have earned, and now I want to share that gift with anyone willing to receive it.

Seek first the Kingdom of God  and all else will be given 
-Matthew 6:33 

Have any questions, comments, or just want to chat about any of these topics? - email me at

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