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All Wisdom is in Christ (Col 2:3)

“God’s mystery is Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” - Colossians 2:2-3

The Greek words for Wisdom and Knowledge are Sophia and Gnosis respectively. From Sophia we get our English word ‘philosophy’ meaning ‘Love of Wisdom.’

Jesus is known as many things; Teacher, Master, Savior, and Lord. However as ‘Christ the Philosopher’ He is rarely known.

Paul makes clear that the search for knowledge and wisdom culminates in Christ. While other teachings of the ancient world such as the philosophy of Greece, the Taoism of China, and the Buddhism of India undoubtedly contained a plethora of wisdom, Paul understood that the truths revealed in these philosophies were consummated in Christ.

This is impossible to see upon first glance, as Jesus expresses Himself when he says “I praise you Father for hiding these things from the wise and learned.” (Matt 11:25) Jesus did not want only the wisest and smartest men and women to be able to access His Teaching. This is why He veiled his teachings in parables and mysteries so that only through divine revelation could the secrets be known.

This divine revelation is not something that is exclusive to certain people. The sacrifice of Christ has made it available to us all. But it will only be recognized by those who seek it; It not something we can sit around and wait for. We must be active in studying the Word of God and obeying the teachings of Christ. Then we will notice His everlasting light shining upon us.

“The Lord is Hidden in His own Commandments, and He is to be found there in the measure that He is sought” - St Mark the Ascetic

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