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Commit Your Work to the Lord (Prov 16:3)

Commit your work to the Lord and your plans will be established - Proverbs 16:3

We often spend so much time trying to devise the perfect plan to achieve our goals.

After all, we should make sure what we're about to do is going to work before we do it. Right?

Of course, a certain amount of planning is good. Keeping a calendar is important so we do not forget to attend to our obligations. Observing, to the extent that we can, what lies ahead will help us prepare to face it.

But when we focus exclusively on "how to get there" we risk losing sight of where we're going in the first place.

How often do we spend many hours, days, or even years seeking to accomplish a goal, reach a milestone, or earn a reward, only to finally get there and realize it wasn't actually what we wanted?

We focused so intently on reaching the top, only to peek our heads over the summit and realize we climbed up the wrong ladder.

Therefore, it is far more wise to focus most of our attention on the why rather than the how. Better to aim at the right mark and miss over and over again, than to hit the bullseye of the wrong target every time.

Following the directions of the GPS to perfection means nothing if we entered the wrong address at the start.

But if we enter the correct address, even a few wrong turns will simply cause the GPS to recalculate, and we will eventually arrive where we're supposed to.

If God is the reason for everything we do, then even our mistakes will have no choice but to lead us to His presence.

And we know that God works all things together

for the good of those who love Him,

who are called according to His purpose

- Romans 8:28

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Sheila Flynn
Sheila Flynn
14. Aug. 2023

Thinking of all the mountains in scripture Horeb listening to the still small voice in yesterday’s gospel Last week Mount Tabor at the Transfiguration and the Sermon on the mount yes important to climb the with Jesus

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