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Teaching From God (John 7:17)

If anyone's will is to do the will of God he will know whether my teaching is from God - John 7:17

I have oftentimes found my feeble mind struggling over any number of theological paradoxes.

"If I'm justified by my faith then how will I be judged by my deeds"

"If I have free will then how can God still be sovereign?"

The pharisees often tried to trap Jesus by backing Him into "yes or no" answers to questions that were designed to make Him look bad no matter which way He answered.

What did Jesus do in these scenarios? He rejected the premises upon which the questions were based.

Here's a question for you:

Did you enjoy robbing that bank last night? Yes or no?

No matter which way you answer the question, you implicate yourself as a thief. The only course of action is to reject the question entirely. We must step out of the dualistic world of human logic and step into the world of the Holy Trinity as revealed by Christ - step out of the labyrinth of the mind, and step into the freedom granted us by the Spirit of God.

How can I know what to believe? How can I be sure my theological position is correct? How can I trust that I have adopted the correct doctrines?

Jesus Himself has already given us the answer to these questions. We must simply focus on aligning our will with the will of God.

He has promised to take care of the rest.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be satisfied - Matt 5:6

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